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Drive for Trius

If you're a professional truck driver and you're looking to get some serious miles under your belt, then you've come to the right place!

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About us


Located in the transportation hub of America, Trius Trucking continues to provide unparalleled service to its customer.

Founded in 1990, this family owned business has proven to  thrive in a turbulent trucking industry.

Dedication, good morals and not being afraid to incorporate innovative techniques has ensured us to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Need help moving freight? Look no further!

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OTR Solutions

Delivering excellence in over-the-road transportation, our OTR Solutions ensure timely and secure freight delivery across long distances, backed by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to reliability.


Tailored to meet your unique shipping needs, our Dedicated Freight services provide specialized solutions for the seamless transport of your goods, offering efficiency, consistency, and personalized attention.

Expedited Team

When time is of the essence, our Expedited Team services guarantee swift and efficient delivery through dedicated teams, leveraging speed and precision to meet the most demanding shipping requirements with urgency and reliability.

24/7 Dispatch

Ensuring round-the-clock support, our 24/7 Dispatch services provide constant monitoring and coordination, offering real-time assistance and quick response to any challenges, to keep your shipments on track every hour of every day.



To apply for a driving position, please click here

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General Information

PO BOX 2700

Fresno, CA 93745


Call or Text: 1-559-834-4000

Fax: 1-559-834-4001

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